Secondary Battery Separator Film        

Innovation for a better future 

accumulated R&D capabilities  through challenge and innovation,

technological and quality competitiveness,

step forward towards the future with

Corporate Affiliated Research Institute

To develop coating materials that will lead to innovation and strengthen its global capabilities, BFI Co., Ltd. established the Corporate Affiliated Research Institute and has focused on research.

Strengthening coating material

To enhance competitiveness in the release film industry, researchers focus not only on the functional testing but also on the research and development related to coating material to produce excellent products.

Research capability for material parts

By hiring excellent researchers, our company is enhancing the competitiveness of the product to a global standard.

Our company is also developing its development capabilities about all products' materials and components through the research's continuous development.

Areas of Research


Product Catalogue  

-Silicone release film 

-Fluorine release film  

-Antistatic  film 

-Hard coating  film


Product Catalogue  


-Gravure Printing (Electronics )  

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