Gravure Printing (electronics)

Gravure Printing (electronics)
Gravure Printing (electronics)

Gravure is one of the special prints, and it is a concave printing method using copper plates. 

Corrosion or sculpture is done per sheet, and printing is done in a manner similar to the rotation by using a cylinder on a large plate of plate type. 

It is also characterized by high speed printing using film.

Product Features

Product Features and Usage

-The amount of ink to be transferred is large, and the reproducibility of the concentration is wide 

- Possible print on paper with poor quality or thin paper 

- Quick drying

Product Specification

Product name
EX) IB - 50 ===> 50μm with Blue Printing Coating 
(μm) Thickness
12 ~ 250

Size of full package 


EX) 12μm(24,000), 22μm(13,000), 50μm(6,000), 75μm(4,000), 100μm(3,000)
(mm) Overall width
500 ~ 1600
White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow et

Product structure

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