Antistatic Film  

Antistatic film

In the case of a conventional release film, 

an antistatic release film is used because electrostatic phenomenon 

easily occurs when separated from the adhesive and the adhesive layer, 

and contamination caused by such static electricity can be fatal to the product defect.

Antistatic film
Antistatic film

It is a film on which the PET film's surface is antistatic to prevent static from occurring.

It is a functional film that prevents foreign substances, dust, etc. from being mixed into the product due to static electricity.

resistance value 

※ measuring equipment: ACL MODEL 800

Product Features

- Excellent antistatic function 

- Prevention of dust and foreign matter inflow by static electricity 

- Improve productivity during punching and prevent process errors due to  

  charging voltage 

- Electrostatic coating on single side or both sides 

Product Usage

To prevent electrostatic phenomenon during processing by separately forming an antistatic layer on the film that packs 

products that can be damaged by electronic products or static electricity. 

Applied to semiconductor and LCD parts packaging materials and precision parts packaging materials 

Product Specification

Product name
EX) IA-2506===>surface resistance on 25μm fabric  10⁶ Ω 
Antistatic film
(μm) Thickness
12 ~ 250

Size of full package  


EX) 12μm(24,000), 22μm(13,000), 50μm(6,000), 75μm(4,000), 100μm(3,000)
(mm) Overall width
500 ~ 1600
(Ω) Release force

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